Thursday, November 28, 2013

about faith

This is my friend Faith.  I will tell you why I love her. Remember that story I told you about the woman who had two still-born babies, and after the second, her visiting teacher walked into her hospital room, climbed into the bed with her and just touched her face? Faith is this kind of woman. The kind who know how to mourn with those who mourn. For all sorts of reasons.

One day when I was tired from printing all day, and devastated because my heart was pretty broken, she massaged my feet. She didn't even say anything about it. Just turned from manicuring her nails, or telling me a story, and rubbed my feet. I remember thinking, this is the kindest thing.

Also, in the dead and horrible inversions of last winter, she made sure I had pretty nails.

I think a lot about what it is to be Christian when I am around her.

Happy Birthday Faith!
Thank you for your love that never gives up.

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