Wednesday, May 29, 2013

in love with a 10' x 20' piece of dirt

Today, I organized my garden. This meant I borrowed a shovel from my older sister and wrangled the dirt into something with rows. Three rows for potatoes (purple!, yukon gold, & red). A row for carrots. One for onions. And another for golden beets. Three tomato plants: Haley's comet, Mr. Stripey, and the elusive & very mysterious Green Zebra. Then two rows for beans and peas. A space for the lemon cucumber. Also, one squash.

Everything is an experiment. There are hazards. Antelope. Extreme windiness. Possible rabbits. I really hope nothing dies or disappears. I feel like plants, especially small ones, have a tendency towards disappearing.

Later, I cried in front of my roommate for no reason. I was just really tired. Again, I hope nothing dies.

a small announcement: I've been documenting a few lovely things here


  1. I am so excited and a little jealous! Just remember, whether or not the plants grow you will still eat. It's very comforting.

  2. How cool is that. I want to learn how to garden! Good luck with yours.


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