Monday, March 4, 2013

Stomach dropping awesomeness

My friend posted this on Facebook today. It's an article about a girl and her mom and how they stopped 4 generations of prostitution. It left me crying in my office because sometimes life is so hard, but people do such beautiful work! How can you not cry when people do beautiful work?!

A quote and a link:
Mom told me over and over, ‘You’re not like Grandma Joyce and Grandma Anna. You’re going to have a house, you’ll get married, and you’re going to go to college. This is who you are.'—from "the secret my family kept for a hundred years" (click here)

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  1. I keep thinking about that article, as well. I love that the last two generations were brave enough to break the cycle. Also, I try to picture the many grandmas so close in age. Boggling!


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