Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sometimes I think of doing good things like building a stack of lego-sized blocks. Actually, normally, I don't think of doing good things like a stack of small blocks at all, except today because I had to do something terrifying. But, I knew it would be good in the end. And, I thought about how that good would be a small yellow block I could put on a stack of other yellow blocks. It would be worth it. Even though a lot of effort was going into getting the block onto the actual stack. You know.

(This analogy may not make sense if you never made anything out of blocks when you were little. But, I was a master of building things out of blocks. There didn't need to be a purpose. Just a castle. Or a tower.)

But then, I realized after the project was over, that I'd actually been carrying a small yellow block of gorgeousness and it was so stupidly and lovely heavy I had to sit down and cry afterwards. 

Someday I will tell you this story.
—but really it's about how God doesn't abandon us.
And how faith is creative.

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  1. A few things.

    first, I overheard somebody in the library tell someone else that you were their writing teacher and when I did I just wanted to run over to her and shake her and tell her she was so lucky. But she walked away and i thought it would be weird if i chased after her.

    Also, today i remembered something that I learned about hope a long time ago and I'm sure you already know but I'll tell you anyways because I think it is lovely. I was told that to hope (in greek or latin or hebrew, I can't remember) means to expect. and i just thought that was so great because it is so much more than just sitting around and wishing something will happen.

    and I think this post is really wonderful, and all the rest of them as well and I really find the things you write to be so inspiring - i tell my husband about it all the time. so lovely. thank you for writing about things that are important and heavy and real.

    last thing. I didn't get into grad school but i'm still so grateful for you for writing my letter of recommendation for me, it meant so much.


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