Wednesday, March 6, 2013

of sisters & gratuitiously missing

Tonight I was g-chatting with one of my sisters. We were talking about something. And then I just threw down a little, Is it okay if i still miss him? because I knew I could write about gratuitously missing someone, and she wouldn't get annoyed because she's my sister. It's a great trade.

Then she gave me permission to still miss him, some times, in six months. Or more if I needed it. Which was a relief. Such a relief because break-ups are the worst.

But, there's special relief in receiving permission to gratuitously miss from a sister because she knows I deserve better.  She knows I shouldn't miss him at all. 

Which means she gets it: the absurdity
of missing someone who doesn't miss you.


  1. Sisters are the glue that hold extended family together. I always wanted one.

  2. I want to give your sister a hug. Don't fight the feeling.... let it come and let it pass. <3


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