Friday, December 28, 2012

lucky + dolphins + a strange dream

Went running on the 101 today. My sister and I have been running there all week in the mornings. On Christmas eve, we ran even though it was pouring rain. Whenever possible (without tripping), I look for dolphins or whales. Or something. Today, I stopped at the halfway mark to stretch (and rest), and there right in front of my face were dolphins! No one else was paying attention. I felt so lucky!

Also, last night I had a dream I was back in the ocean that day a shark or a dolphin swam by me (and I swam frantically away). In last night's dream, it was happening again and I was trying so hard to figure out if it was a whale or a shark. I was paying so much attention, but then! suddenly! there were hundreds of whales! and they were white.

Then, I was standing on the shore and someone told me their boat was in the water, but all I could see was the top of it because it was submerged. I said I would save it, and the dream ended with me pulling it, in parts, out of the sea.

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