Thursday, March 7, 2013

last night i dreamt about graduating again

In the dream, the graduation was outside. It was sunny and warm, and a lot of people I loved were in the stands. My grandmas were both there, I might have kissed one on the cheek. I had a friend standing next to me. We were wearing caps and gowns and laughing a lot. And, also running sometimes. I think to catch up in the procession line. I kept saying to her: This is the best part. I said, You'll never forget it. This = walking across the stage waving to everyone.

I woke up so happy.

And, so the phd is haunting me again. In way it hasn't before. Dear people: I should be having nightmares about the phd, not lovely, sunny dreams about kissing my grandma's cheek at graduation!

Except, I love it when my grandparents make appearances in dreams.


  1. Maybe they were trying to tell you if you get a phD it will be like dying! Just kidding.

  2. ooooh........ I think you know my thoughts.

  3. I love it when my grandmas are in my dreams too! So fun!


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