Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a note to the brimhalls

Dear Brimhalls,

First, I'd like to thank you for your kind, kind, kindest comment on my blog post a few weeks ago. I would like to send you a proper thank you. Could you please leave your address in the comments (I won't publish it).

Also, my best friend finally convinced me that talking about my life cryptically on this blog won't really help anyone in the long run. She said I should stop selfishly posting inside jokes & half stories. She said, if you're going to be single you might as well write openly about it. So—I'm going to. Because, it's true: there are lots of mormon mommy bloggers, but no single girls consistently talking about issues and telling stories.

Will you read it?


p.s. don't forget your address (and any one else who wants to leave their address, go for it, I'd love to send you something in the mail). 


  1. Dear Em,

    I love your half stories! I find them to be lovely and fascinating. So often we think we have to tell stories from beginning to end--only when they're over and can be perfectly tied up into a bow, but the truth is, our whole lives are made of up bits and pieces of stories.

    The things you say are real life. They are joy and pain and work and optimism.

    But it's also true that people don't like to talk about being single. I'd be interested in anything you have to say. :-)


  2. I would totally keep reading, even if you posted the best method to pick your nose in a car without others seeing you, or if you posted your opinion if sampling from bulk food is considered shoplifting or not, or pretty much anything else you would write.


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