Monday, February 4, 2013

The ultimate valentines box

This year, for my "something new" project, I organized a P.O. box for myself. I'm not exactly sure why I did this, except I really like real-life mail. So, if you'd like a valentine from me (letterpress printed!), send me a note/letter/or valentine. Tell me one reason why 2013 is lucky for you or one story (any story) (it can be really short).

Fold your story (or your luckiness) up in an envelope* & send it to:    
P.O. box 2932
SLC, UT 84110 

If you'd like your own slightly dangerous but very lovely valentines, you can purchase some here  :)

*make sure you include a return address. 


  1. i have a goal to send more real mail this year so this is perfect. you will be getting a little something in the mail from me for sure:)

  2. I am going to do this tonight! So fun! I love getting mail.


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