Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Lost Party

 "Every person has a magic book from childhood 
that showed them the world is beautiful and full of possibility."--Ashley Mae

That book for me was "The Very Hungry Catepillar". Oh how I love that book. All my early childhood memories seem woven with that book. The colors of the fruit, the green of that gigantic leaf, more important even than the final revelation of the butterfly. I might cry when I read that book to my children (God willing).

Several years ago, maybe 10? I took a creative writing class with a girl who wrote like no one else in the class. I wanted to write like her. Over the years our lives have pinged back and forth against each other--here another writing class, here an overlap in the MFA, many mutual friends. In short, I love her and the influence knowing her has had on my own work.

She finished a book which she's featuring on Kickstarter. Watch the gorgeous video here. I'm so excited to get my copy--I'm sad I have to wait 'till June. I think her work is absolutely as magical as Eric Carle's.

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  1. Totally getting a copy of this, already pledged on kickstarter. This is going to be the perfect gift for Easton to give his baby brother inJune when he arrives!


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