Wednesday, February 13, 2013

on strangeness and kindness

One of my friends recently went through a pretty heart-breaking divorce. She sometimes talks about the acquaintances and strangers who did miraculous things to comfort her. One being a friend, who was really just an acquaintance, who came and stayed with her for 12 hours one day after her husband left. He just sat with her. So she wouldn't be alone.

When she tells me this story, she says: There wasn't a reason for him to be there, we didn't really know each other, but he was an angel for those 12 hours.

Sometimes, the strangest things are also the kindest and the most full of the love of God.

The last six weeks, I've been treated to this kind of rescue on way too many occasions to count.  So, no, there has been no dues ex machina. Only God out of my sister and her daily smoothies, only His love out of the many friends who let me cry on the phone, God out of my cousin holding my hand, God out of the woman brave enough to squeeze my shoulder when I was sobbing in relief society, God out of a roommate, God out of a brother, God out of a man on the bus, God out of a sincere thank you.


In this section of my life, I didn't know there would be so much grief in giving my will to God. But, every day, I show up and practice reaching into my pocket and giving him more. I feel sometimes like I'm saying, Oh here it is: all of it—and the lint. And the next day, here's the lint—and the coat. And the next, just—here's me—you can have all of it.

But, as my good friend says, God, gave you the earth.
And that's just one thing.


  1. My heart hurt reading about your friend, but my heart was full reading about the stranger that comforted her. What a lovely post. Thank you for all your words; you're so inspiring to me.


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