Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Viva mi hermanito

Well, it's my brother's birthday! He's awesome. Here he is in the ocean with my dad.

Here he is with my nephew at a baseball game.

And here he is in the living room of my house with the infamous bricks. 
We also used to throw these bricks at each other 
while hiding behind couch cushions. 
That was an awesome game he invented.

You should know he loves using two dollar bills in general circulation. 
You should support him in his goal of making this bill more common in circulation.
(He'll be happy to know that I paid for my taco bell order the other day with a $2 bill.)

I love his handwriting.
For some reason, it reminds me of growing up in a house full of people.

My birthday wish this year = Viva Colombia (the vacation edition) 
and/or many excuses to celebrate 
by paying store clerks with 2 dollar bills.

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  1. Do they still make two dollar bills?? If so, I definitely might be in for that goal. :-)


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