Thursday, January 10, 2013

"The winds seemed to shift overnight..."

 I live with my sister now. In a south facing room with a million pieces of light every single morning even with the inversion. Living with her means that every morning she leaves me a note or sends me a text telling me there is a smoothie for me in the fridge. This is a good thing because I'm so overwhelmed with the basic survival elements of my life right now (wake up, get dressed, teach, make life-altering gigantic decisions while trying to scotch tape my heart) that I haven't had a chance to go to the grocery store.

This morning my sister sent an email that looked like this: article link + you love whales + "The winds seemed to shift overnight..."

It all seems like a recipe for a day filled with hope. So don't worry, I'm wearing my bright orange shirt with a giant whale on it. Also, high heels. It's a strange outfit. But sometimes hope is very strange.


  1. I always feel best in my craziest of outfits.

  2. I agree with your sister. The winds shift overnight! They do all the time. They will!


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