Monday, January 7, 2013

about my boycott of The Bachelor

For a long time I boycotted the bachelor because it took too long with all the dramatic cliffhangers in between commercials. 

Now that the fast forward function applies to normal TV, I got sucked into a few seasons.

I won't do it anymore! For the following outlined reasons:

1. It objectifies women.
2. It objectifies men.
3. It's fake.
4. It's fake.
5. My own life is more interesting.

I refuse to let even the sheer awkwardness of the show lure me into being subliminally told for 40 min that my value as a woman depends on my physical appearance, sex appeal, and/or ability to have the most dramatic past. So tonight, I did yoga. The class was titled a very mysterious "2B".  I had no idea to what the "2" or the "B" referred. The class description was vague. I went anyways. It ended up being like a normal yoga class on fast forward. And more advanced (meaning at the end when everyone was doing gorgeous headstands like it was nothing, I just held down the proverbial child's pose tent).

Then I came home and ate soup with my sister's pita chips for croutons. I watched "Itidarod" on the Discovery Channel while thinking about how my previous upstairs neighbor texted me today to let me know that I have mail that was sent to his apartment. I wondered if it would be junk mail or real mail. I thought about percentages and tried to keep my hopes realistic for a real letter from a real person. It's probably junk mail. I'll find out tomorrow. Stay tuned.

p.s. who is with me?
what did you do instead of watching The Bachelor?


  1. I didn't watch the Bachelor either last night but I probably will today. Can we still be friends? Jimmy and I watched the National Championship game instead. I think I'd always choose watching college football over the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

  2. I watched "Once Upon a Time" on Hulu.

  3. With you all the way.

    I cooked garbanzo beans in the pressure cooker that I'm planning to make into hummus with the food processor I got for Christmas. Wish me luck (the last batch was frighteningly bad..) :)

    And this is a good reminder for me to be mindful of the many things I do waste my time with instead of my own would be interesting if I wasn't wasting it life! facebook anyone??

  4. I never watch it. I feel manipulated when I watch those kinds of shows. (However, I did watch bits of the Bachelorette with Emily.) I was ice skating at the Olympic Oval instead. Much better choice. :-)

  5. @sue! we will always be friends! i love your guts and all your people!

    @holly, it's the manipulation that kills me (in addition to the objectification).

    @ktb, i am appalled at how much time i waste. I'm trying to be better. this is a small effort. how did the beans turn out?

    @R: your house is currently at the top of my list for summer options.

  6. so happy you put those chips to use... and that you enjoyed Itidarod!

  7. never watched an episode in my life. as far as what else i, i waste so much time. part of my current resolution for 2013. making life happen. :)

  8. haha noo the bachelor is my one guilty pleasure and the only show I ever watch on TV! so manipulating and fake, yes, but soo entertaining. it's fun to make fun of. that's my excuse. also, my 30 year old burly Army Ranger cousin watches the bachelor and getting texts from him during the commercial breaks pretty much makes my life.

  9. I used to watch it. Now, I'm proud to say, I didn't even know a new season was starting! Yay, me.


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