Monday, November 26, 2012

Well, I'm 31 now

And my one true wish is that I had more freckles. I have lots on my arms (except they are really just small moles), but since it's winter, there's nothing really happening with my face. RIP.

I got sick on my birthday which I don't see as a sign of anything because I've decided 31 will be very magical for the following reasons: Q will very soon be my roommate, I love the number 13, one of my friends calls me Em the gem, I found many many many many (lost) dollars that belonged to my sister, my friend Samantha and I are going on vacation together for the Fourth of July, my parents are going to Columbia on a mission, I will write a book, do one more poster installation, and be outside a ton with Kals and her dogs Thor + Indie. Also, I will ski. A few times at least.


But first! One more shout out to my parents for falling in love! For getting married! So happy I could be one twinkle in their very sparkly eyes!

Thank you
and thank you
and thank you again.

columbia = colombia


  1. I am excited to know more about this book!

  2. I am so happy about the many many found dollars!

  3. There are a few things that made shout for joy when I read this. You are going to be roommates with Raquelita?! I can't even explain why that makes me so happy. But it does. It does so much. Second, COLUMBIA!? WHA!? MISSION!?! I'm so excited for them, and YOU! Bring on 31, baby! PS, I'll wear some of my freckles in honor of you. Em squared.

  4. Fun adventures all around!!! I feel great about 31!


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