Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I think about an afternoon I spent with one of my nephews. He was little. Maybe four. We'd been to the beach or playing outside. Something where his feet were really dirty. So, I was helping him wash them in the shower. You know, where you stand outside the water and just stick your feet in? It's tricky. I'm wondering now why I didn't just wipe them off with a wash cloth. Anyways, I was talking him through the tricky process. And out of the blue he said, "You're a good teacher."

This was a long time ago. But, sometimes I think about it because it really was such a kind compliment. I took it seriously.

You just never know how or where lovely words can end up.

Some day when he's old, I'll tell him that story—and all the ways those words helped me.


  1. Happy birthday BFF!!! I hope it's the best.

  2. beautiful. you truly are an exceptional teacher. Thank you!

  3. That is a sweet memory! Happy birthday friend!!! Love you!


  4. Great story. And insightful 4-year-old.


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