Friday, November 2, 2012

a million o'clock

This is a phrase my friend Emiline uses to mean really late. She usually goes to bed around 10pm. Or earlier probably. I don't actually know, except she is not a night owl. When she says, "I stayed up 'till a million o'clock last night." I know she means some extravagant time after midnight.

Something about this phrase has burrowed in a strange way into my psyche.
I've been using it in my prayers.  

When I can't think of any other way to say it, suddenly I'm exclaiming—inside my mind—Thank you a million o'clock!

It's the wildness of the phrase. 
The unexpected abundance of a million!
The magic of "O" and then "clock".

It's perfect.


  1. Hey! I was going to call you a few minutes ago when I thought, "it's a million o' clock. She'll be asleep!" Okay, I didn't think that exactly, but I did think you'd be long asleep since its late here and you are an hour later than me. And then you posted. I love it when you post.

  2. Our phrase is "oh-dark-thirty" to mean really, really early. Like a 3am drive somewhere.


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