Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wait, am I 15?

This morning I woke up. I ate my breakfast. I read some email. Then, I looked in the mirror and realized I had two gigantic zits on my face. Gleaming ivory towers! One on my nose. One on my chin. Awesome. A small shout out to the seismic & mysterious hormonal shift that prompted this phenomenon. I'm constantly amazed by my body.

Anyways, I have my own prize for you this morning! A chance to participate in my next broadside project! (remember the love letter project? it's similar, maybe just an extension of it?).

I'm doing it on Kickstarter. My project page = here. If you've never heard of Kickstarter, I'd explain it, but they do a better job of explaining themselves here. It's a pretty rad site for creative projects.

If you felt left out during the love letter exhibition, or if you loved being a part of the love letter exhibition, I would love to have you help me. This project will occur in November (the day is top secret). For ten bucks, you not only support the project, you get to be a curator.


  1. When I found out I was pregnant with my second and long awaited I was in Costco, exiting the building. I immediately burst into gigantic happy sobs while walking to my car.

  2. 3 or so years ago i had just started a new job and was completely stressed/anxiety-ridden. so my best friend and i went to ihop to "destress" and i just lost it. i tried to keep myself from the "ugly cry", but it happened. i'm sure our waiter was so concerned for me. we powered through and finished our pancakes though. i can look back on it and laugh!

  3. I started bawling while walking back to my car on the last day of Comic-Con this year. Stupid, because the last seminar was great. Justified, because my brother and his girlfriend had abandoned me hours before to see it alone, with four footlong sandwiches waiting in my car trunk cooler for dinner and no one to eat them.

    A guy yelled out his car window, "It's going to be okay!". I'm sure he thought I was on the brink of a random, desperate act. Closest I got was trying to give sandwiches to total strangers while wearing a wet face.


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