Thursday, October 4, 2012

after the MFA:

For a while I had a running list of things that changed in my life after I finished. Sitting in my car just so I could finish listening to a song was the main one.

Over the summer, I was so in and out of town, I didn't notice a huge change. My life wasn't very balanced.

But since I started teaching again, I feel like life is such a relief. I wake up. I have a schedule. I go running outside. I do things outside with my friends. I'm mixing colors in the studio again. Sometimes I feel that old panicked dread of the next day. Like my body can't really forget what it was like to live for so long with a to-do list packed to the max with stressful things.

Everything about the MFA was good for me, but it's nice to remind myself, Oh tomorrow you're just teaching. Then you get to come home.

And October at my house is really pretty.
p.s. I'm buying a tall cactus this weekend. 
Then I'll tape some paper birds to the wall behind it.

p.p.s. I've been trying to decide if I should buy a cactus or running shoes.
I decided on the cactus because my friend said I could decorate it as my Christmas tree.

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