Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The process

Sometimes when I'm working on a writing project or an art project, I get kind of stressed and think—STOP! YOU CAN'T DO IT!
Reasons why I can't do it:
It's stressful. Hard. Time-consuming. It might fail. You might feel stupid when it fails. It might not matter to anyone but you. It won't matter in the end.

But then, something inexplicable happens. If I can push those reasons away and let the idea just sit in my mind—just let it sit there without commenting on it—something magical happens: euphoria + hope. It makes me feel like I have a tree inside me.

Yes. The project will be very hard. It will require whole days. I may fail. It will be small.

But it will be beautiful.
Or at least an attempt at being beautiful.
I don't even know what beautiful means.
Except I know what it feels like when I'm making it.

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  1. "...except I know what it feels like when I'm making it." Love that.


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