Saturday, September 1, 2012

...and then my friend cut my bangs really short.

Tonight, my friends and I ate cheese fondu and told stories. I can't even remember what we talked about. I told the story about how the other day I was crying. It was afternoon—the light was beautiful. Perfect for a proper romantic/tragic moment. So there I was sobbing when my phone buzzed. When I picked it up, it was one of my ex-boyfriends from a long long time ago. His text said: Are you okay?

(He lives in the apartment above me.) He thought someone had died.

Yes the humiliation was hilarious. And, telling that story tonight was the best ever.

I drank two mexican cokes. Apparently, this kind of coke doesn't have high fructose sugar. Just regular sugar, and you can buy it at Costco.

Then my friend cut my hair. At first my bangs were normal. But, then we looked at it a while. And she'd already cut my other friend's bangs so short and cute, ... so now I have really really short bangs. It feels good. Like cold, refrigerated Mexican Coke.

Oh happy weekend!


  1. You have the most interesting dating stories, Emily. And you blog them! :) It is pure awesomeness.

  2. I'm cracking up! What a delightful story. Ex-boyfriend calling to check on the crying. That is epic. Really, everyone should have that happen to them.

    You are a brave girl to live so close to an ex.


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