Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the nights here in August

It's a little traumatic for me to live in Utah in the summer. Only because you have to use a/c inside. Which is a glorious invention. But. It means you have to live with the windows closed.

The month of June always finds me congratulating myself on how long I can go without using the A/C, only because I love open windows. Then July comes with all its hot sweatiness—which I sort of adore, but I feel a little like I'm living in a piece of tupperware when I have to go inside.

And then, August where the nights are apparently perfect. And it's completely possible to sleep with the windows wide open. I don't think there is anything so lovely as the nights in August. I didn't realize this 'till just this year. Just yesterday maybe. I've always been somewhere else in August. Or not paying attention I guess.

I know Fall is coming. It's sliding in. Just sliding in.

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  1. I was up Hobble Creek Canyon yesterday and the trees had started changing color. It was the worst day of my summer, because it meant summer was almost over :(

    I love summer tooooo much


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