Thursday, August 23, 2012

swim + 7pm

I went swimming tonight around 7pm.

Some days, swimming is a battle.
The arms feel heavy.
The swim cap is uncomfortable, etc.

But tonight it was just perfect. And pretty.  

I was just at the city pool. City pools aren't extremely romantic. Not when you're 30 and working out. City pools are for ages 13-17.  The municipal pool's very dirtiness, the hair balls, the bathrooms, the lifeguards sauntering around, the possible gigantic water bugs swimming around, the diving boards, the grass, the lawn chairs, the snack shop—all these factors elicit a kind of magicalness that cannot be replicated anywhere at any other age.

The key factors in this prettiness tonight were the light and the loss of my swim cap. I almost didn't go swimming because you can't have a serious workout with 8lbs of wet hair, but I thought I could just take it easy and my hair wouldn't get too much in my face.

It felt good to swim with just my hair & my goggles. I haven't done that in ages and ages. And, the light + water = extremely pretty.

So there.
(I don't know why I'm ending this post defiantly.
But I feel defiant tonight.
Defiant with prettiness
& light on water)
(So don't fight me. I'll win)

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