Wednesday, August 22, 2012

or a small parable about fear

Kals texted me this morning. She said the thing I saw in the ocean was for sure not a shark. She said it was a small whale for sure. 

This is all to say that if I hadn't been so terrified/paranoid about being eaten by a shark, I would have had a small whale swim within 15 feet of my own self.

That would have been something.

 (Instead, I was swimming frantically toward shore.)


  1. i'm just going to comment on everything.

    all i have to say about this post/parable is wow.

  2. we're even because i just pinned all your art...

  3. This is a very interesting conclusion and one that will greatly relieve my children who were both mesmerized and horrified by my retelling of your swim in the ocean. However, aren't some whales "killers"?


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