Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the last 8 months:

I have moved 3 times. With all of my earthly belongings. Including the small ceramic half dog/half polar bear figurine I made when I was 6.

Before move #2 I got rid of as much stuff as possible—mostly books. Forgive me, they were so heavy and I never read them.

(I still have 5 boxes).

Move #3 = carrying all my earthly belongings down one blessed flight of stairs into a studio apartment with wood floors and an apricot tree outside one window. There are original light fixtures from some time—the 60's? the 50's? I need to ask my landladies.

I don't have a bed yet. But I do have an inflatable mattress from my sister & two perfect grandma chairs my friend Emiline discovered at the D.I. They looked hideous next to the 80's recliner and the 90's floral sofa, but she promised me they'd be perfect. (Before we purchased them, we thanked all our lucky stars and the lady somewhere who took such good care of them and didn't let her grandchildren eat chips while sitting on them).

This is all to say: earlier today F8 and I began a list of acceptable reasons to cry in public. But! tonight I will just focus on the white lovely walls of this physical edifice. How the light is good in every room. I think the doorways are saving my soul.

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