Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a lot of exclamation marks

My oldest brother had another birthday last week. My favorite memory of him this past year actually happened a couple weeks ago at the camp pendleton triathlon. He met me on the hovercraft ramp. We were both rolling our bikes down the hill for the race. I was totally out of it because I hadn't totally prepared for the race in terms of practicalities. I'd remembered the sunscreen, but I'd forgotten to eat anything. Also, I'd forgotten water. I was planning on just enduring to the end of the race with the small cups they give you on the run. When I mentioned this to my brother he said, Oh! I brought extra! Take this one! Then he handed me one of the water bottles on his bike. When I said, are you sure? I don't want to steal your water...he said, Yeah, I knew someone would forget. Sidenote: his bottles of water include ice.

I'm so happy he was born. And, again, thankful he was born before me. 

My littlest brother is coming home from his mission tomorrow. My family is all very excited to have him back with us. Honestly, any time I go home, I feel bereft because he is always home to me in my psyche. Of course, he's old now, and he'll be at college. But still, being home means having him around.

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