Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today Featured:

Me. Riding a racing bike through the Salt Lake City Cemetery. This is where the pioneers are buried. And prophets. Like John Taylor.

I don't think it's appropriate to ride a racing bike through a cemetery.

The avenues are an awesome place to train for a race because in order go anywhere, you have to go uphill. Awesome. But going downhill is very scary for me. It's straight down. There are lots of cars. Trash cans. Stop signs. Etc. Dangers. Possible hazards. 

I was thinking if I went through the cemetery on 11th avenue, I'd have a leisurely ride down the hill because the cemetery roads are less hazardous. 

Dear people: the small, narrow, gravely (sometimes dirt) cemetery roads lined with 100 year old grave stones is not a less dangerous downhill experience. 

Just in case you were wondering.
Just in case.


  1. Oh, what a picture that made in my head. You have a gift. :)

  2. Everything you do is full of awesome stories. So glad I know you.

  3. I'm obsessed with this post.

  4. I'm getting so excited for this race!!!!!!!!!! Except i've never even ridden a real road bike in my life. Just spin bikes at the gym... The race will be my maiden voyage on a real bike! YaY!!


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