Friday, July 20, 2012

the loveliest moment of the day

Tonight i was sitting at a table in a shopping mall courtyard with a friend. We were talking about something. During one of the pauses in the conversation, I turned my head and noticed two little girls sit down at the table next to us.

They were young. Maybe 8 or 9. Maybe 10 or 11. It doesn't matter. They were young and joyous and extremely excited to be sitting by themselves in a very grown-up environment.

I was staring at the girl facing me. (Just because she looked so happy—and gloriously innocent.)

Anyways, then she looked at me. I didn't look away, so we just stared at each other for half a second.

She smiled first, which I think is very brave. So, I sort of smiled—then looked away.

I felt bad for only smiling a little bit, so I turned my head and gave her a sparkly smile, and she smiled big & sparkly and it was my favorite moment because I felt like in those 3 seconds we recognized each other— oh! you're a daughter too! (and you know it)! (and you're so happy)!

 Everyone is a daughter or a son—of God. 
It's the best ever.
Here's some exclamation marks about it.


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  1. "Here's some exclamation marks about it. !!" Ha! you are very cute and funny, Emily. I miss you.


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