Friday, June 1, 2012

p.s. June 1 = romantic

Occasionally, someone ends up saying, You're such a romantic.

This label makes me feel funny.
Shouldn't everyone notice the moon?
It's in the sky for free.

I don't hate the word. I love it when it's used appropriately. Which is tricky. And I'm very picky about how and when it can be used appropriately. I can't even explain a definition. There must be no pretense. For example, if you wash my dishes without me knowing. If you leave them on the counter, towel-dried, because you don't know where to put them away—then I will think this is romantic.  I will probably leave the two white bowls on the counter until I need to use them again because I think the gesture is so romantic. 
I won't want to move anything. 


  1. I very like "Shouldn't everyone notice the moon?
    It's in the sky for free." Amen to that.

  2. Hand washed dishes can also be called "sexy." Just sayin...


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