Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a more positive confession about pinterest

...dear people,

one thing i love, love, love about pinterest, is the option to pin all sorts of usually cliche, possibly unsubstantiated (but always inspiring) quotes & sayings. i'm not sure why i love this so much because usually everything about the presentation of the quote (typeface, color, etc) is hideous—so it's not like an art thing. But, usually after pinning inspirational dichos on pinterest, I want to go do a project or some other wonderfulness (as soon as i finish pinning other things, etc., of course).



  1. Hahahaha love that last one. I love you, Emily. How you love all good thing.

  2. A lost spider is a dangerous spider!

  3. No, the only thing worse than finding a spider in your room is finding one in your mouth...(long story...)


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