Friday, May 25, 2012

When I figured out it would probably take half of forever for me to get married...

I used to ask God to make an awesome story out of it. You know? Definitely not Wuthering Heights, but maybe Persuasion-ish? I wasn't afraid of some unrequited love. Maybe a few misunderstandings with some metaphorical candelabra in the background & glorious happy ending which would occur on a wide, green, metaphorical English lawn; or a train station; or a lovely, metaphorical street corner in a metaphorically foreign and/or exotic city. Just please, Don't let us meet at FHE*.

Then one day, I realized...maybe I didn't know all the implications of that prayer.

So, these days, I tell God I don''t care.
I'll take any story in the world.
The easier the better.
Just make it easy. 

*If you met your spouse/love of your life at FHE—you understand the folly of that prayer.


  1. Met mine in American Heritage. My roommate already had a crush on him....

  2. So when I was young, probably 11 or 12, I remember being told to pray about what we wanted our future husbands to be like (this wasn't even in an LDS setting. I wasn't a member and I was at a baptist mutual type activity). But I was convinced that I NEVER wanted to get married. Never. So that's what I prayed for. To never get married.(but if I had to that my husband would be like Nick, the love of my elementary-school-life.) I have sometimes wondered if those prayers were a little too effective! :)

    But in any case, you'll make you're story great. And magical. Just reading your writing I know that you see even the ordinary from surprising and beautiful perspectives. Enjoy it... the whole long love story you're living!

  3. I just love you, you are so fun. But true. I like you so much, I wish you would marry my brother. It would be so convenient...then I could actually meet you. :)

  4. Falling in love should be easy, it's the finding him that's hard. It's the world's biggest game of hide-and-seek. And there's no number to count to. You just go on until you stop. Like the parent saying on the road trip, "We get there when we get there!!"

    Also, I'm SUPER glad to hear that the LDS aren't the only crazy ones who have their youth pray about future spouses.


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