Monday, May 21, 2012

SG-Tri: a small report

I did the race with the same girls I backpacked with last summer. It was their first triathlon. I was really excited for them to get hooked (I think it worked) (I'm trying to get them to Pumpkinman in the Fall). 

I thought the water would be warmer. A lot warmer. The water was freezing. And I hated myself for signing up for the race the first 200 yards. I felt bad because I told my friend she'd be fine without a wetsuit. We weren't fine. We were freezing.  On the second half, my time-chip anklet fell off. Luckily, I caught it, stuffed it down my swim suit, and then kept swimming. Should have used a safety pin. Should have stuffed it down my swim suit as soon as I felt like it was going to fall off (I stopped kicking for a while because I was so nervous).

Transition #1: Felt totally dizzy, but ran the whole way to my bike. Didn't dry off. Drank some water.

Good news! I finally figured out why I was going so ridiculously slow. I'd been shifting gears wrong on the downhill! bwhahahahahaha. Sorry people. I haven't ridden a bike regularly since I was ten. Forgive me.

Favorite moments: going up the backside of the big hill (I was going really fast) & racing this very athletic, strong looking man on the last leg. He couldn't shake me. And we were both laughing about it.

Transition #2: Legs felt crazy. Dizzy. Drank three swallows of water.

RUN: I didn't want to run. My legs were really out of it. Luckily there was this girl (in an orange tank top) I started off with, so I just said if I could pace myself with her, I'd be okay. I didn't stop until almost the first mile marker, but my legs just needed to recover for a second. I rationalized that as long as I could stay in range of the girl in the orange tank-top, I could walk. I loved walking. I don't regret it. Because then my legs felt normal again and I could run faster. Second half of the run was way better than the first. But the race ended on a hill, which was a little mean of the course designers.

TIME: I reached my goal (under two hours!)

The night before, while wandering into the Walmart to buy water and gatorade and a hat, I received the following text from a German friend:
When things get tough tomorrow, when your legs feel like lead, and your mouth is like cotton, and hills are still ahead for u to climb, dig down deep and remember one solemn sentence. DYERS NEVER DIE.

I just want to thank my brother (the wolf) for always being my private race-counsel/coach and persuading me to do one in the first place. It's good to have brothers that get you involved in awesome stuff.


  1. Yeah for the battle cry . . . and Yeah for you!!! You did it and you are better because of it!!!

  2. Look at you go!!! I'm so proud of you!
    <3 you!

  3. Ocho, I'm so excited for you! Congrats on such a great race and I wish I could have been there to cheer you on!!

  4. PS--I'm glad that there was no wind!!

  5. I mean no wind while you were swimming in the water! the picture of the boat ramp there nearly brought back nightmares!


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