Saturday, April 7, 2012

you think when you're finishing something GIGANTIC

that the hardest part will be the finishing. Or something to do with the largeness of the project. The fact that you bit off way more than you could ever chew or swallow. But then, you have moments where you know you'll stay up till 4am even if you have to function like a normal person and drive two hours the next day. You'll do whatever it takes to finish it. To literally tie it up with a green ribbon and say: here. You know you can handle the 4am morning. The midnights. The not talking to people for days because even a 15 minute conversation can throw off your schedule—

But no. The universe always sends some tornado distraction. Something you would never in FIVE MILLION YEARS EXPECT and then you're so annoyed you have deal with it (that now you have this annoying tornado hopping all over your life), you can't even move.

And also, you're annoyed because you have to take time to eat and drink water.

It's fine. It's fine. By Tuesday evening, everything will be normal again.

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