Thursday, April 26, 2012

on millions of things

One of the intoxicating things about salt lake city in the spring is that on some designated day in April, all the lilac bushes in the whole city bloom at once. One day! all the bushes you stared at all winter and fall and summer, the bushes you ignored because they are just boring green along a fence or among some trees, all these bushes bloom this bright & deep & glorious lavender.

The delight in remembering: The lilac bushes! begins a special kind of swooning that is Salt Lake in the spring, then the summer, then the fall.

And. The best mornings (and nights leading into these mornings), are the ones where you remember all the millions of things both terribly sad and terribly joyous that brought you to this brand new second. All those terribly sad things flip over at once and you can see what they did: carve a space for something very beautiful and capable of making something beautiful. And the happy things—they flip over too (into constellations or something else mysterious but visible).

Paul was not messing around when he said: faith! hope! charity! 
Don't ever forget.

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And now for your thursday soundtrack:
Two songs that sound like the lilacs on Foothill boulevard & 1300 south and everywhere else in the city. Listen to them loud (double loud). Special thanks to PWB (for EmmyLou). Special thanks to F8 for the early-morning conversation— 


  1. awww I love this! yay for spring and good music!

  2. I'm sharing this on FB! I love you lady!

  3. Spring in SLC is the best. But see how you say it so much better!!!

  4. My father in-law has lived in SLC his whole life, and he loves lilacs. He often makes lilac references to my children, like "oh wow, you look as beautiful as a lilac tree" and my poor AZ babies have no idea what he is talking about.


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