Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dear Beca (of south texas),

I read Chemish last night. I thought about you of course. And seminary. And how when someone asked you very seriously who you'd pick as your favorite Book of Mormon figure, you said enthusiastically: Chemish! I can't remember if this memory actually happened how I just wrote it. I think it may have happened at lunch. At school. It's just that I always think about seminary, when I think of you yelling CHEMISH! over the concrete at the school courtyard. In the heat. Because it was usually hot. I can't remember who asked you the question. Or what they actually asked.

The main thing is, I feel so lucky to have been you friend. SO LUCKY! 


p.s. thank you for being born :)


  1. And you dearest friend!
    I have SO many Em colored memories:
    super chicken taco, red car sing alongs, whole milk, your little room behind the kitchen, your handwriting and drawings, sneaking us out of school in your trunk, the way you saw through people's garbage, lengthy and (hilarious) discussions of unsuitable suitors.

    But mostly I remember a friend who was sincerely filled with joy and lived full speed.

    We sure did a lot of laughing :)
    Thanks for that...
    I'm so glad you came to shine in the valley for a bit.

  2. Em--thanks for the link to Chemish. I had forgotten who he was!


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