Thursday, March 8, 2012

feliz feliz feliz!

Because he taught me how to drive a manual in our old green saturn, on the deserted midnight I-15 when I was 21. Because he was in charge of teaching me how to drive when I was 16 & he often fell asleep when I was driving. Because he leaves presents for no reason in my room when I go home to visit. Because he let me bring my entire sewing collection home with me for Christmas vacation(s) even though it took up most of the trunk space. Because one time we drove all night to surprise our parents for Easter. Because he taught me how to find the big dipper (finally!) through the windshield of that old green saturn when was I was 22. Because because of him I'm well acquainted with Axl Rose. And Chris Isaak. Because he's hilarious. Because I've never actually seen him cook anything. Because he's a really good friend. Because for a while he was driving a car with no door on the inside. Because he still has that car. Because he might still some days drive it to work. Because one time, right after he bought that car, when I was 24 or 23 (I can't remember now, except that we were driving on 8th north in Provo), he said, Em! I drive an Oldsmobile!). Because he said it with pride & accomplishment. Because his 67' mustang, long sold, long gone, is still parked in our driveway in California in the Google Earth photograph. Because he was there when my dog died. Because it was just him & my dad. Because they sat with him until it was over. Because he never finished telling me that story. Because I always forget to ask him what it was Dad said. Because he saves lives every day. Because that sentence is not hyperbole. Because he is awesome. Because I was the lucky sister who got to grow up with him. 
Happy Birthday!
I hope you have the best day!
My wish = IRONMAN!
(except not really, because i have this idea
that the ironman is very dangerous)


  1. I'm with you on the Ironman, but I hope he can do it!

  2. Awesome! Happy Birthday to the wolf!

  3. Love you em! You're the best sister a big brother could ever have! I remember all of those events like they were yesterday. Thanks for being awesome :)

  4. I love this post! and I love your brother too! He needs to do the Ironman!!!

  5. I came over from Greg's blog. This was so well written and fun to read. You are lucky to have a brother like that and I laughed out loud at the "Em! I drive an Oldsmobile!"


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