Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a letter because i can't think of a title

dear people,

I have a lot of things to say. Mostly I'm just really grateful. But I really hate that word because it sounds kind of ugly. So if I could remake the word it would sound like the following equation: whimiscal + gorgeous + thank you. If you can find a word for me that means all those things. I will be grateful. I suspect there is something in Hebrew or Russian or Spanish that comes close. The only thing I can think of is dar la luz . It means give light. But it really means "give birth." So pretty much I wish our word of gratitude meant to give birth. That would be perfect.

And Sam, just because I know you read this blog sometimes, I've been thinking about you all weekend/monday & tuesday. I hope your double hearts + baby are bringing a little relief to someone who needs it most in the whole wide world right now.

I love your guts. A million times.

This song has nothing to do with anything. It's just one hundred percent gorgeous.

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  1. I sometimes read your blog? I love your blog and I've read every word. Whenever it's in my reader I get excited and read that one first!

    Thanks for the love. It's been such a hard and sad and gut wrenching week. We are all pretty physically and emotionally worn. I love your guts a million times too and I really appreciate your love and support. I feel it.


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