Friday, December 30, 2011

Well people, I don't live in the grandma house anymore.

When I get back to Salt Lake City,  I will be living in a lovely little basement apartment a few streets away. (For the purposes of this blog discussion, we will forevermore refer to it as the Boat House. I'm excited.)

For now, I'm in California where my hair gets very fluffy and my siblings & I drive around in my mom's van.

Yesterday,  we went kayaking in the ocean. This was amazing. We saw dolphins. And sea lions. It was so lucky!

Tuesday, I went running by the beach, and there were hundreds of whale spouts out far away in the ocean. No one believes me. (But, that was lucky too.)

Luck is the #1 thing I love about California.


  1. The boat house? Curious to hear what inspires that nickname. I miss your face!

  2. Please say you filled your suitcases with luck before you left Cali.


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