Wednesday, December 14, 2011

these last days at the grandma house

Hayley's cacti are sitting on the front porch. [It's snowing outside.]

The hat I wore last spring when it was pouring rain and all the water in salt lake city was draining into my basement, and I needed something to keep it out of my eyes while I bailed out the window well—is still somehow there—in the window well.

The dining room table is covered with paper.

The fridge is cleaned out, but contains a loaf of bread, a half-gallon of milk, and a 4 lb pan of black beans.

Just spent two hours cutting paper by italian chandelier/sconce light. [Someday I'll have a studio as magical as my grandparents' dining room.] [Someday.]


  1. Wait what? The last days at the Grandma House? Where are you going? NEED MORE INFO PLEASE!!!


    If this means what I think it means then I need to pay homage to the Grandma House. The Grandma House and it's fabulous resident came into my life when I needed them most. Although it may seem like it wasn't much- great memories were made and friendships forged around the dinning room table, tea lit candles in mason jars on the back patio and mismatched sofa chairs in the front room. I never left the Grandma House without stealing a long glance over the penguin that greeted you as you entered the house and the large portrait of Aunt Nancy in the front room. You couldn't help but sense that the Grandma House was filled with wonder and mystery. Thanks Miss Emily for the good times. Until we meet the Grandma House :)

    Love ya! Merry Christmas!

  2. Applause to Nettie's comment.

    (Can we have a Closing Ceremony?)

  3. I already miss the Grandma House and I miss you in it! I love you Ocho! :)


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