Saturday, December 3, 2011

sometimes in the winter, i dream about running

This morning I had a dream that I was playing in the women's world cup soccer game. !!!!! I can't remember how I got into the game. I think they needed someone, and then I was running out onto the field. I felt bad because I was thinking to myself, You just play intramurals! You're not even good at this! And during the game, I kept an eye on the score board. In this game, you got points just for doing certain maneuvers well. The other team at one point had 436 points. I think we had -4 at one point, but then I scored a goal. GOOOOOAAAAL! (that's what everyone said in the dream). The goal was lucky. And I knew I was sort of a weak link on the team, but it was so much fun! and somehow in the dream, I knew it was okay—I mean, they would have had to forfeit without me. I just kept thinking: YOU'RE PLAYING IN THE WORLD CUP FINALS!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!

and I was running. SO fast. All over the field.

I think this dream has at least 3 possibilities for meaning:
1. I need to go running.
2. I might be slightly in over my head with something else in my life...
3. Maybe the point of life is that we're in over our heads ALL THE TIME. But it's just so dang amazing—it doesn't matter.

Happy Saturday.


  1. I had a dream last night that someone kidnapped Kate. I woke up panicked with a heavy heart and had to go see her, but when I looked at the clock and it was 6:58, I knew I should just wait a few minutes because I didn't want to wake her up. Phew. It was good to see her. I think it possibly could mean that even though she has been behaving HORRIBLY since we got home from Grammys (all the sudden she thinks she can tell me NO!! all the time), at least she's still ours. It could also mean I shouldn't eat cocoa krispies before I go to bed...?

  2. what a fun dream! I loved hearing about it! the crowd probably started chanting: "Ocho! Ocho! Ocho!" to cheer for you!! :)


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