Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snow-Globe Snow

This is what the side of the mountain offered the grandma house last night—sparkly, slippery, Utah-sugary snow.

Hailes' home teacher left a bottle of fizzy apple cider on the front porch a couple of nights ago, so when O.Splendid arrived with very lovely, light (so light!), lavender goblets—we drank it at the dining table while reviewing some of our favorite grandma house times.

We have had so much fun at this house. I am trying to think of a way to describe it. I mean, the house has a charm you will never forget— sparkly ceilings! a grandfather clock! a penguin on the piano! a polar bear fur in the basement! my grandma's kitchen dresses hanging in the closet next to my sunday dresses, my great-grandfather's canes! his typewriter! the purple goblets everyone adores, the candy jar! the piano my aunt received as a gift when she was 17! chairs that used to be in Salt Lake temple! the green and blue wallpaper, the baby squirrels in the back yard! the jewelry in the drawer of the bureau, the bullets in the sidetable by my bed, the yeast someone left in fridge years ago (and that I will leave in the fridge because Hailes says it lasts forever), the bed frames with the pineapple spindles, the books downstairs, the entire furnace room filled to the brim with curious-mysterious things!

But, it's not really about the things here.

My neighbor came over yesterday to say goodbye. She said, I'm so happy you've never sold the house. Your grandma & grandpa used to always say they wanted the house for their children & grandchildren.

The house is charming and sacred because my grandparents loved us so much. You could live here with nothing—and still feel like the most loved person on the planet.

And now one of their great-grandchildren is moving in!

Someday, I want a house like this. 
Where people feel loved just by standing in the front yard.

Rock on.


  1. So I'm an emotional mess anyway but reading this made me cry. Made me think of my own grandma house. Merry Christmas from me and my little Em.

  2. i will always love the grandma house and i will always love you.

  3. I take the Grandma house very seriously! I love that place so much!!


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