Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i take childhood gifts very seriously

When we were little, my parents took us to Pic 'N Save a few days before Christmas (or on Christmas Eve) so we could all buy presents for each other. It was the best night of the year! Because even though we all sort of knew that Pic 'N Save was not the location where everyone else was shopping, we knew we could always find something cool for a dollar. One of my favorite gifts was a yellow baseball-tee my little brother gave to me. It had some sort of cherub/angel/flower on it. I wore it for a couple of years because I thought it was so awesome. And then I threw it away. I've always regretted that choice because somehow, I suspect it would still fit me—it was one of those magical pieces of those clothing that never stops fitting you.

Another favorite was this strawberry porcelain dish I gave my sister. I know this doesn't count because it wasn't gifted to me, but I still think about it—

And, the famous sheep that my oldest brother gave me:


  1. I still have the strawberry dish and use it to hold my jewelry. It is one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. Seriously.

  2. I think I remember buying that sheep! But I don't remember why it was famous???

  3. and I remember shopping at Pic N Save for Christmas!! that was fun! We would all try and hide/cover our carts so that other people in the fam couldn't see what we were buying them!


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