Wednesday, November 16, 2011

some rainy minutes (or #3)

"I was in Hawaii, on the island of Kona, with my mom one time and we ate at this really cool resort for dinner one night. The sky had been threatening rain, but we weren't too worried, so we parked the car ourselves instead of valet parking. Well, right when we start to walk to our car, it starts pouring this thick, warm rain. And when I say pouring, I mean it. Tropical buckets of rain dumping from the sky. Within a couple seconds it was up to the tops of our ankles, and we were running and screaming and laughing and trying to escape the rain by putting our hands over our heads (a silly thing to do) as we scrambled towards the car. We finally found our car and jumped inside.

Right when we slam our car doors shut though...the rain stopped. Completely. With us sitting soaked-through like sponges in strange shock at the sudden lack of a waterfall from the sky. We both started laughing at the same time so hard we cried——which didn't really matter because our makeup was all over our faces anyway."——from

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