Wednesday, November 16, 2011

on patience

One of my least favorite moments of the year included this day a few weeks ago when i printed some text on panel #3 of a 3 panel project. I was mixing the ink on the press. I started with tint base which is clear. I was hoping it would tint the paper just slightly, but it didn't. So, I just started adding gold, and then some white, and I remember putting yellow in there. Anyways. Of course I was frantically cleaning up at the end. I remember thinking: Well, have fun trying to match that color.  I still had to print panels 1 & 2. There was no ink glob to save because it was all on the press. I didn't take a tap-out because I wasn't thinking properly. I just wanted to clean up and go home.

So then, two weeks later—I spent an ENTIRE DAY!!!!! trying to match that color. I wasn't even close. Anywhere close. It's amazing how many color combinations gold, yellow & white can make. It was fine. I just kept thinking: well, you're learning a lot about color today. Then a few days later, I spent only a couple of hours trying & failing. I figured I could come up with a justification for having 3 different colored panels—but I knew it would be sort of a let down.

Then, Mary, my cousin's cousin who works in the studio found out about my problem. She said, well, I took a class on color matching—I can do it for you.
She was so blessedly confident!

So we made an appointment. And in 40 minutes. Let me repeat that, 40 MINUTES!!! she'd matched it exactly. When I put it on the press, all I needed to do was add a little gold. OH THE MIRACLE!

What I really mean to say is that I really failed on this one. I really wasted a lot of hours looking for that color. But, it wasn't really wasted. I was learning stuff. And then I kept thinking: well, maybe this is how God feels when we keep thinking he should answer our prayer right away. Maybe he's just thinking, hold on, I'm trying to get the color exactly right because I know you don't want 3 different colored panels.


  1. that's wonderful. honestly. i think that's exactly how he thinks. because he knows how beautiful it'll turn out when the colors are matching.


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