Tuesday, November 1, 2011

november 1st

This morning, I woke up to snow.

There was something beautiful about that beginning. I don't have a picture. But just imagine snowflakes dropping slanted through a backyard with lots of wild cherry trees and other random bushes/trees.

October-November means celebrating my birthday. I'm turning 30. One of my favorite friends and I were discussing this mile in our lives a few days ago because we have twin birthdays. We decided we're happy about it. She's got twins + a baby girl. She's married to her best friend. She just moved into a new lovely dream house (or the only house in town big enough for 3 kids). She forces herself to go to her ward boot camp work-outs. But, I don't really think that's why she's happy to be 30. I think its because she loves her people, meaning her husband, her kids, her family, the lady at the grocery store, the coach at the boot camp who yells sometimes, the people she meets every day of her life.

That's a beautiful thing to say about turning 30 (that you love).



  1. Emilia! There is nothing better than getting mentioned in your blog! You write so beautifully that your words become love letters. And I love your love letters. You forgot to mention why YOU are happy about it. You are turning 30. You feel close to your Heavenly Father (which really is what makes me happy too), you get to look/feel super cute and unintentionally distract boys from their work and have them text you telling you so. You get to make beautiful art with your hands everyday, and beautiful art with your words that touch so many people. You freaking do triathlon's, you get to go on funny blind dates, and kiss boys on the front porch in the dark. You get to move to a new house with new people and new wards(which can be scary/sad but really means adventure!). But I think the real reason you're happy is the reason that you said that I was happy. You love people better/more than anyone I've ever met. I've always thought it was one of your strongest and greatest gifts that you have (and share). HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! i love you.

  2. Happy birthday! Also, I read your post about feeling like you are a bad writer, and I just wanted to let you know that I follow a lot of blogs, but yours is the only one that I REALLY look forward to reading. The way you put things is so beautiful it touches me.


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