Thursday, November 3, 2011


Right now, my life is incredibly imbalanced. If I told you what I do all day, you'd probably think, why don't you have more time? I make art all day. And, I know it sounds like that shouldn't take up much of my time. But, it is an all-consuming VACUUM of time/energy. All I want to do is finish, and every small thing takes 4 times longer than I plan. Also, every small thing usually spawns at least 3 other processes/things to do. I love it. It keeps me joyously awake at night. I don't even know how much time is passing. An 11 hour day in the studio feels like 4 hours. I don't like talking about how much I actually get done because it sounds miniscule to someone who isn't there witnessing the process. I don't like talking about it all the time because most of the time I'm cognizant that I'm spending extravagant amounts of time making something that might be really really crappy. I know sometimes I blog about stuff because it was one day where I got to print something bright and large, something that didn't have to be perfect. But most days I just want to leave the studio and go back first thing in the morning to keep working.

I also know that there may never be another time in my life where I'm allowed to work like this. By the end of January, I need to have 9 projects completed. Right now I am not even half way finished.

Shoot. Please forgive me if I forget about things.


  1. I love you for taking time amongst your craziness to critique my doggerel of poems.


    Your Big Bro

  2. Ooh, "doggerel"--cool word!

    My oldest daughter wants to be a professional artist who: sculpts, decorates cakes, is a chef, paints in oils and water colors, and oh, perhaps do a little engineering on the side, when she's not being a full-time mom.

    If only we didn't need to sleep....

    Best wishes for completing projects!

  3. i understand the time thing. art takes time. something seemingly small takes time with art. but that's why it's beautiful.


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