Saturday, November 12, 2011

F8 and I were talking today about when we used to be in grad school together. It was suddenly so long ago. I mean. 5 years. That's a long time. It feels like it could have been five days ago, except back then, I was the kind of girl who wore her satin skirt to the formal dance inside out because it had a bright pink petticoat that looked like an even cooler skirt. The next year, I wore a floor length sequin neiman marcus gown I purchased at a "Ropa Usada" in Texas for $5 when I was in high school. It didn't fit. I had to use a safety pin to keep the straps up. But shoot. I loved that dress. I bought it originally for a spanish class music video. Everyone was in groups. I was with Summer W and two Asian girls who didn't speak very much English. I'd just moved to a new school. Summer W took pity on me and let me be her friend and eat with her at lunch. We were in a class with a bunch of football players and cheerleaders. We knew we had to go all out. So somehow we persuaded those two other girls to get some crazy outfits and meet at the Globe market where we'd sing Shakira "Buscando un Poco de Amor" while pushing each other around in a shopping cart. It also included a very long blond wing.

We sort of rocked that music video. I still have the tape somewhere. (Obviously, I need to find it.)

But that afternoon, when we ended our video by singing our guts out by a dumpster outside the grocery store, that image I have of our shadows on the parking lot asphalt—I get to keep that one forever. And, someone, somewhere remembers seeing a girl dancing by a dumpster in a sparkly sequin gown. I hope they never forget it.

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