Monday, November 7, 2011

Best of (i miss everything about you survey)

 I had 95 respondents, which is sort of amazing. Thank you.

These responses didn't make it into the final piece, but they are wonderful—everyone should see them. If you want to add one in the comments section—go for it. See here & here also. (and here if you want to see more responses).
  • Listening to you play "Schindler's List"on your violin.
  • Christmas stories from picture books on a cassette tape for us, [and] ringing a little bell when it was time to turn the page.
  • Sometimes he let's me know he's watching over me and makes me laugh in my dreams.
  • How I always knew she was on my side.
  • Talking until we both fall asleep. 
  • Myself (before I had Adult onset depression)
  • She would fold towels the same way every time.
  • Her book-presents that I despised then, but now cherish
  • She made no-no bars to share with friends.
  • A few times a week, he walked me to my next class and held my hand the whole way, even if my class was out of hiswayandallthe way across campus.
  • He would make nachos in pink Old Navy flip flops in his kitchen.
  • Treasuring a song, a movie, and a conversation; so many little things that meant so much to us while going down a dark, difficult path together.
  • She'd agree to watch my man-movie with me, then fall asleep after 20 minutes.
  • The beautiful giraffes she was drawing at Christmas
  • I miss your chili on New Year's Day.
  • He would tell me stories about being on the USS Pennsylvania during WWII, it always made me glad that he was alive and well.
  • I miss holding them, smelling them, kissing them. Because I never got to. (2 babies I miscarried.)
  • He would take me flying when I was sick, doing barrel rolls until I was at the point of puking. For some weird reason, it always helped.
  • Airport kisses; envelopes with stamps from across the sea; late night runs to the grocery store
  • I miss talking on the phone every day and being able to talk about everything or nothing for hours. 
  • Five years after she passed away we finished off the last jar of raspberry jam left over from her cellar. Dad and I toasted homemade bread and spread the jam on thick, like Grandma used to do, and talked about how much we were grateful to her for all the good she taught us both. I still can't see a jar of raspberry jam without thinking of my sweet Grandma.


  1. The phrase "I miss everything about you" applies most to a former boyfriend. (Only because that type of dramatic wording to me implies romance- my husa.)

    3 specific things I miss about him are:

    1&2) what he represents to me- my youth and my independence and my hometown and first love and romance.(I'm counting those as 2 things because that's a lot of stuff rolled into one.) 3) We must've spoken the same love language, because I was always acutely aware of and confident about how he felt about me (like I was the only girl in the universe).

  2. whoops I meant to say "(Only because that type of dramatic wording to me implies romance- my husband agrees.)


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