Sunday, November 27, 2011

the best is yet to come

Two of my best friends turned 30 this week. So it was pretty festive all around. We were all frantically trying to do something significant before the day came. You know?! You have to do something to end your 20's. [Ah! I just wrote that sentence!] I would just like to take a second and thank my two friends for being born, and for being my friend. I sometimes don't think its a coincidence when you have good friends or family members born close to your birthday. We're all born two days apart. That's so festive! It seems too perfect. I mean, I like to think maybe we hung out before we were born. And, since I was born first, I like to think I volunteered. I probably made them promise to let me call them with all sorts of embarrassing stories in exchange for that small sacrifice.


Here is a song for you:

(I hope you've never heard it before!)

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  1. I've never heard the song before! I was going to make you a cd the other day, and I realized that all of my favorite songs I wanted to put on your cd were actually songs that YOU originally gave ME on a cd. haha. I love new songs. Also, funny because I was thinking the EXACT same thing last week. How I wonder if we were both so excited in heaven to be coming down so close together! Like I said before, thanks for helping me be brave. I actually am quite relieved to finally be 30. I thought I'd be too weirded out or sad or something, but now I just feel relief. Is that weird? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU EMILIADELMAR. Thanks for being my friend even though I don't have as many fun stories as you do!


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