Friday, November 11, 2011

another lovely millisecond (or #2)

"the time i went to visit a boy. it was just after christmas, and it had been snowing buckets at my home and i didn't want to leave my family's little slice of christmas paradise; i wanted him to come see me instead because he loves my house and snow almost as much as i do.
but when my cousin dropped me off at the milwaukee airport to catch the plane to detroit and then on to binghamton she teased me— remember if he proposes, don't turn him down in public! i promised to let her know when i got there, and when i walked off the plane in small town new york, i dialed her number and was in the middle of leaving her a message when i heard a voice say my name and then my message telling her i was there got squished out by a 6'4" hug (including my big shoulder bag).
Christmas at home? All the snow? Not wanting to leave?? Who said I didn't want to leave home? I wanted to be right where I was, with the whole week to look forward to with him and his family, now so much like mine too, in the place where he grew up."      —anonymous 

Dear anonymous, thank you.
Happy Friday everyone!
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